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Welcome to my home in cyberspace. I’m Mazzy, an alternative singer-songwriter from Madera in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California.

I began writing songs and performing when I was nine years old. It’s amazing how the past decade or so has continued to fuel my passion for music.

Wow, did all that time really fly by so quickly?

My love of music and songwriting keeps growing stronger and stronger. I’ve made it my personal goal to keep searching on this musical journey of writing and performing to that place where, more and more, I am able to connect with people and hopefully help them feel the things about life that I’m discovering on my path. Something tells me there is no end to the journey that, for me, sometimes feels like a ride on the wings of destiny. 

I love the process so much when my songs become something that blossoms into musical messages that can turn pain into something beautiful.

I am so grateful that you are taking some time to visit. I truly hope that whatever you take from what you hear from my catalog of work is taken to heart. If you connect with one or more of my songs, than I have connected with you… and that makes all the effort worth every moment.

Thank you,


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